This is what you should consider

Through our cooperation partner we have full access to high quality and fully certified articles which can also be provided in large quantities.


The confusing procurement market for personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as for rapid test concepts, peppered with intermediaries and non-transparent transactions, has left clear marks on both suppliers and customers. We go the extra mile for you both in product sourcing and in checking quality and certification.

There are many manufacturers of protective equipment in China, but only a few can meet the required quality and certification standards. To the sorrow of many customers, there are also criminal structures that sell non-existent goods and thus defraud their customers through down payments or advance payments. For this reason, we have our quality assurance partner check the goods and the certifications in advance.

Qualitybase inspects and checks all our products in advance. In addition, samples are taken from the delivered batches.

In cooperation with Qualitybase, we check the certifications and thus ensure that the products are not counterfeits. In addition, we also check the shelf life and production date of each order, as some of the old products sold have expired.

Which standards and regulations are important?

EN 1149-1

Protective clothing – electronic properties

EN 166

Eye Protection

EN 388

Protective gloves against mechanical risks

EN 14126

Protective clothing against infectious agents

EN 14683

Surgical masks – Requirements and test methods Resistance to breathing

EN 420

Protective gloves general requirements

EN 455

Medical protective gloves for single use

EN ISO 13982-1

Protective clothing against solid particles

EN 13034

Protective clothing against liquid chemicals

EN 14605

Protective clothing against liquid chemicals

EN 149

Particle filtering half masks – Respirator

EN 374

Protective gloves against chemicals and microorganisms

EN 407

Protective gloves against thermal risks

EN 421

Protective gloves against ionising radiation

EN 511

Protective gloves against cold